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Employee career

Employee career is important to us. Everyone will be treated fairly and with the utmost respect. We want our employees to feel a part of the success of Bagaicha Restaurant & Party Palace. Happy employees make happy guests. If you want to start a career with us, please feel the form below and submit us, we will respond you soon.

Some Career available to us:

1. CEO

The Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) is responsible for leading the development and execution of the Company’s long term strategy with a view to creating shareholder value. The CEO’s leadership role also entails being ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Company’s long and short term plans. The CEO acts as a direct liaison between the Board and management of the Company and communicates to the Board on behalf of management. The CEO also communicates on behalf of the Company to shareholders, employees, Government authorities, other stakeholders and the public.

More specifically, the duties and responsibilities of the CEO include the following:

  1. Sign a contract for the company to the government and public.
  2. Arrange and provide all legal documents for the company.
  3. Make a Long Term / Short Term plan for the company
  4. Make a duties, responsibilities for the employees.
  5. Appoint, Terminate, Upgrade, Hire and Fire the Staff.
  6. Sign a contract, payroll and other related documents.
  7. Distribute the salary and MPF for the employee.
  8. Make and approve long term / short term budgeting.
  9. Design and implement company accounting system.
  10. Send necessary documents to the government department.
  11. Make a provide graphics design for the company.
  12. Design and implement necessary computer software program.
  13. Make and provide company website and link to media.
  14. Manage computer, CCTV, Internet, Telephone etc.
  15. Improve the information system (IT) for the company.
  16. Investigate the chances of losses for the company.
  17. Apply and implement the prevention method.
  18. Run the company under the law or ethic.
  19. Protect external effect being arise due to the internal activities.
  20. Help the Chairman to make an agenda for the meeting.
  21. Request an urgent meeting for the company (If necessary).
  22. Do other activities suggested by the staring Committee.
Skill of CEO
  1. BBA/MBA
  2. More than 20 years work experience in business management and financial level.

2. General Manager

  1. Arrange all the necessary things for the Restaurant.
  2. Apply plan and policy of the company.
  3. Taste the food before servicing if suspected.
  4. Keep the restaurant food quality good and same.
  5. Maintain or rise the profit margins on food
  6. Suggest CEO to appoint and dismiss irregular staff.
  7. Deal with various suppliers for daily purchase of goods.
  8. Collect from the customer and Issue checque to the Suppliers
  9. Keep Receipt and Payment Record to the computer system
  10. Daily Purchase and Sale and record to the computer system.
  11. Pay bills, parables, invoices and keep record on the system.
  12. Schedules work of chefs, cooks and other kitchen employees.
  13. Instruct staff for their duties and responsibilities.
  14. Make staff routine, holidays, Shift work etc. for the employee.
  15. Apply marketing strategy to gain high profit for the company.
  16. Collect customer's complain and put on the staff meeting.
  17. Call the staff meeting with with CEO and write a minute.
  18. Collect complain from staff and put on the CEO's meeting.
  19. Deploy the rules and regulation of the company.
  20. Deal with public related concern with lawfully or ethically.
  21. Make the company corporate citizen by filling responsibilities.
  22. Make and improve internal and external security system.
  23. Make a bridge between CEO and employees.
  24. Inform CEO all about the activities.
  25. Do or apply other responsibilities instructed by CEO.
Skills of General Manager
  1. At least a Bachelor's Degree or a MBA is ideal
  2. Minimum of 10 years of working experience
  3. Significant exposure to core areas of operations
  4. Leadership experience and ability to manage operations
  5. Experience in branding and opening new outlet
  6. Long-term strategic planning, management development.
  7. Communication skills in English and Chinese.
  8. Excellent management, leadership and strategic planning skills
  9. Strong negotiation skills
  10. Energetic, positive, efficient, driven, creative and optimistic
  11. Analytical Thinking
  12. Results Orientation
  13. Problem Solving & Decision Making
  14. Coaching
  15. Team Building
  16. Delegation

3. Head Chef

  1. Produce new recipes and menus.
  2. Responsibility to operate all section in the kitchen.
  3. Prepare decorative food displays.
  4. Duties to timely delivery of services
  5. Estimate costs control of the food and ingredients
  6. Maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety.
  7. Minimize food cost, waste and theft.
  8. Maintain regular cleaning and maintenance.
  9. Instruct sous chef to preparation of food
  10. Suggest GM to hire and fire the staff
  11. Analyze food items based on overhead costs
  12. Manage health and hygiene procedures
  13. Help to make the the staff duty Rota
  14. Recruit and train the new staff
  15. Make recipe for the special occasions.
  16. Help GM in order to negotiate prices and order supplies
  17. Check the quality of the food that met the standard.
  18. Check the quantity and quality of received products
  19. Demonstrate new cooking techniques to staff
  20. Coordinate for all the food operations
  21. Coordinate with restaurant manager.
  22. Perform other duties as directed.
Skills of Head Chef
  1. A creative interest in food and cookery
  2. Understanding of produce and ingredients
  3. The ability to write recipe.
  4. Strong communication skills
  5. Leadership and management skills
  6. The ability to organize and plan and work
  7. The ability to control a budget
  8. The ability to work under pressure and make quick decisions
  9. High standards of cleanliness and hygiene
  10. Stamina with the ability to cope in a hot and busy kitchen
  11. The ability to deal calmly with unexpected situations .
  12. Blue chip management skills
  13. Diplomas in cookery or BTEC in cookery
  14. Health and safety and food hygiene certificates

3. Restaurant manager

  1. Be the host and communicate with guests
  2. Organize the restaurant team: their tasks and schedules
  3. Staff management: recruitment, training and promotion
  4. Monitoring customer service levels
  5. Ensure the quality of service
  6. Maximize restaurant occupancy
  7. Increase restaurant sales
  8. Control costs and minimize waste
  9. Planning menus
  10. promoting and marketing the business
  11. Overseeing stock levels
  12. Ordering supplies
  13. Producing staff Rota
  14. Organize and supervise shifts
  15. Handling customer inquiries and complaints
  16. Taking reservations
  17. Keeping statistical and financial records
  18. Assessing and improving profitability
  19. Setting targets
  20. Handling administration and paperwork
  21. Liaising with customers, employees, suppliers etc
  22. Communicate with the chef before daily service
  23. Opening and Closing daily sales
  24. Help GM to negotiate prices and orders supplies
  25. Handle all the petty cash
Skills of Restaurant manager
  1. Sales ability
  2. Multi-skilled
  3. Able to deliver training at all levels
  4. Dynamism/good relationship skills:
  5. Maintaining the image of the restaurant
  6. Excellent customer service skills
  7. Commercial awareness
  8. Flexibility
  9. Good interpersonal skills
  10. Communication skills
  11. Problem-solving skills
  12. Organizational skills
  13. Teamwork skills
  14. Proven working experience as restaurant manager
  15. Extensive food and wine knowledge
  16. Computer literacy with restaurant management software
  17. Strong leadership, motivational and people skills
  18. Culinary diploma or BS degree in Business Administration

4. Sous Chef

The sous chef is one step lower in rank than the head chef. A Sous Chef must be familiar with all of the daily operations of the kitchen, and must be able to perform any task in the kitchen if needed.A Sous Chef often acts as the intermediary between the kitchen and wait staff, so strong leadership and communication abilities are a must.The following is a list of the duties performed by a Sous Chef:

  1. Planning and directing food preparation. As the second in command, the Sous Chef is most often responsible for managing kitchen staff to ensure food is prepared properly. The Sous Chef must be a spot problem solver
  2. Managing kitchen staff. The Sous Chef will often have the task of ensuring that all kitchen workers are performing at the level required by a professional kitchen. He or she may be asked to discipline workers who are not performing their job correctly or professionally, and may come up with incentives to ensure that workers are putting their best effort forth.
  3. Training and scheduling. The Sous Chef is often in charge of training new employees and creating the schedule to ensure adequate manning for the kitchen.
  4. The Sous Chef will serve as the expediter for the kitchen. He or she will be responsible for arranging tickets and ordering food preparation so that customers receive food in the order it should be sent out. For example. The Sous Chef will tell the other chefs when to cook different menu items for a table of customers so that they will all be hot and ready to be served at the same time.
  5. Quality Control. The Sous Chef is responsible for ensuring that food that leaves the kitchen is of the highest quality and will make diners happy. The Sous Chef will often be asked to ensure that portions are correct and the food is plated in an attractive manner.
Skill of Sous Chef
  1. A creative interest in food and cookery
  2. Understanding of produce and ingredients
  3. The ability to write menus that are both creative and profitable
  4. Strong communication skills
  5. The ability to organize and plan your own work and that of others
  6. The ability to work under pressure and make quick decisions
  7. High standards of cleanliness and hygiene
  8. Stamina with the ability to cope in a hot and busy kitchen
  9. The ability to deal calmly with unexpected situations and crises.
  10. Health and safety and food hygiene certificates.

5. Restaurant Supervisor

  1. Be a host and communicate with guests
  2. Assist the Restaurant Manager in staff management
  3. Monitor customer service levels
  4. Assist the quality of service
  5. Organize of the restaurant team
  6. Able to deliver training at all levels
  7. Maintaining the image of the restaurant
  8. Cooperate With Restaurant manager
Skills of Restaurant Supervisor
  1. Sales ability
  2. Multi-skilled
  3. Dynamism/good relationship skills:
  4. Maintaining the image of the restaurant
  5. Excellent customer service skills
  6. Commercial awareness
  7. Flexibility
  8. Good interpersonal skills
  9. Communication skills
  10. Problem-solving skills
  11. Organizational skills
  12. Extensive food and wine knowledge
  13. Computer literacy with restaurant management software
  14. Strong leadership, motivational and people skills

6. Demi chef

Demi chef are responsible to take care of the daily food preparation and duties assigned to meet the set standard and qualities whereby the role will include key responsibilities:

  1. Support the Sous Chef or Head Chef.
  2. Work according to the recipe.
  3. Keep work area hygienic conditions.
  4. Control food stock in the section.
  5. Follow the instructions from the superiors.
  6. Keep consistent quality of the food.
  7. Keep up to date with new products, recipes and preparation.
  8. Actively take part in set up of buffets and special functions
  9. Coordinate and participate with other sections.
Skill of Demi Chef
  1. A creative interest in food and cookery
  2. Understanding of produce and ingredients
  3. The ability to write recipe that are both creative and profitable
  4. Strong communication skills
  5. The ability to organize and plan your own work and that of others
  6. The ability to work under pressure and make quick decisions
  7. High standards of cleanliness and hygiene
  8. Stamina with the ability to cope in a hot and busy kitchen
  9. The ability to deal calmly with unexpected situations and crises.
  10. Health and safety and food hygiene certificates.

7. Bartender

  1. Prepare alcohol or non-alcohol beverages.
  2. Interact with customers, take orders and serve snacks and drinks.
  3. Assess customers’ needs and make recommendations.
  4. Mix ingredients to prepare cocktails.
  5. Plan and present bar menu.
  6. Check customers’ identification and confirm legal drinking age.
  7. Stay guest focused and nurture an excellent guest experience.
  8. Comply with all food and beverage regulations.
  9. Clean bars, tables, and work areas.
  10. Operate cash registers, collect payments and return change.
  11. Manage bar operation and order liquor and bar supplies.
  12. Restock and replenish bar inventory and supplies.
  13. To ensure service and product quality.
  14. To look after customer billing.
  15. To ensure that the bar is clean and properly equipped.
  16. To look after bar customers.
  17. Monthly stock takes and control stocks.
  18. Knowledge of alcoholic drinks and cocktail recipes.
  19. Good relationship with guests
  20. Handling the orders safely
  21. Determine too much alcohol and refused on a polite way.
  22. Welcome each guests personally within 30 seconds.
  23. Arrange bottles and glasses to maintain an attractive display.
  24. Learn the guests’ names, occupations, and favorite drinks.
  25. Other duties as directed.
Skills of Bartender
  1. High School, Intermediate preferred
  2. Minimum age requirement of 21 years
  3. Working knowledge of standard drink recipes
  4. Working knowledge of spirits, wine and beer
  5. Understand the classes of alcohol, glasses and brand
  6. Working knowledge of bar equipment
  7. Knowledge and education in mixology an advantage
  8. Numeric and cash-handling skills
  9. Able to work flexible schedules
  10. Able to work in a standing position for long periods
  11. Be able to reach and bend and frequently lift up to 30 pounds
  12. Walks and stands during entire shift.

8. Waiter/Waitress

  1. Smile, Greets guests and presents them with the menu.
  2. Informs guests about the special items for the day.
  3. Suggest food and beverages to the guest and also try to upsell.
  4. Take food and beverage orders from the guest.
  5. Attention to detail while taking food and drinks orders
  6. Make special requirements such as No Garlic, less spicy etc.
  7. Communicate with to guest to provide assistance.
  8. Deliver beverages and food in a timely manner.
  9. Serve food and beverage as per the course of order.
  10. Observe guests and ensure their satisfaction.
  11. Ensure the guests receive high quality services
  12. Ensure all the cutleries and plates are clean and tidy
  13. Clear dirty dishes from table.
  14. Refill beverages throughout the meal.
  15. Promptly respond to guest with any additional request.
  16. Deliver guest’s bill and thank them for dining at the restaurant.
  17. Take care the guests and other waiter’s guests when needed.
  18. Accept payments, and return the change.
  19. Tide the dining room before and after meal service
  20. Sets up tables in accordance with Restaurant policy.
  21. Cleans all spillage during mealtime and at closing.
  22. Co-ordinate the staff to smooth operation and satisfaction.
  23. Assist the GM to maintain the restaurant par stock levels.
  24. Closing side work after your shift.
Skill of Waiter/Waitress

Making guests feel comfortable and welcomed at a restaurant really makes all the difference. Fine-dining establishments can be very intimidating to guests. Guests might not ask questions. They might not have a pleasant experience, which means they probably won’t return. It is your responsibility to make each guest feel welcomed and comfortable. Make sure you do the following at each table.

  1. Basic knowledge of beer and wine.
  2. Waitresses must be on their feet for long periods of time.
  3. Effective communication skills with guests and staff.
  4. Basic math skills & Quick thinking.
  5. Ability to lift heavy trays filled with glassware/food.
  6. Properly open and pour wine at the table-side.
  7. Must have some familiarity with basic cooking skills.
  8. Politeness & Team working
  9. Food Knowledge and sales ability
  10. Understanding the customer needs
  11. Good relationship skills with guests
  12. Organizing the dining room

9. Dishwasher/Cleaner

  1. Clean various foods for cooking or serving.
  2. Receive and store supplies.
  3. Place food and utensils in serving stations, cupboards.
  4. Transfer supplies between storage and work areas
  5. Wash dishes, glassware, flatware, pots, and/or pans.
  6. Clean garbage bins with water or steam.
  7. Clean equipment and utensils and place in condition.
  8. Empty waste bins or similar receptacles.
  9. Transport waste material to designated collection points.
  10. Sweep floors with brushes or dust control mops.
  11. Mop floors with wet or damp mops.
  12. Clean floor areas and “spot” cleaning carpets.
  13. Burnish, scrub, polish and spray clean floors
  14. Replenish consumable items (soap, toilet rolls, paper towels).
  15. Clean toilets, urinals, hand basins, sinks, baths and showers.